of time and money

I’ve been reading … White Trash: the 400 year untold history of class in America by Nancy Isenberg (2016) Hillbilly Elegy: a memoir of a family and culture in crisis by J.D. Vance (2016) No matter what you call them – crackers, rednecks, trailer trash, white trash – white people who live on the edges of society are there. Often unseen by the rest of us, they live day to … Continue reading of time and money

Transparency and the Flint Water Crisis

This article alerts us to the need to change the state’s Freedom of Information Act to include all government departments including the Governor’s office. We will be celebrating Sunshine Week March 13-19. Let’s take the opportunity to remind the Governor that the Flint Water Crisis could have been exposed sooner, saving the state money and the governor embarrassment. Continue reading Transparency and the Flint Water Crisis