Is it Spring yet?

I’m somewhat obsessed about Spring in Michigan. I grew up somewhat further south, where daffodils bloom in March and Tulips bloom in April.  Here, the daffodils bloom in April, and I have no tulips because the critters eat them all. It is now the end of February, the snow has melted, we have had warm days of rain, and flooding has occurred. We are expecting … Continue reading Is it Spring yet?

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

A week ago, a pair of rose-breasted grosbeaks showed up. The male with the sharply contrasting black and white back and the glowing red bib on his breast is a lovely addition to the feeder. The female is tan & dun striped on back with small brown flecks on her breast. They are members of the finch family, and carry the large beak of the … Continue reading Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

Walking in the Woods

It has gotten very warm – up in the 60’s, which is unusual in early March – so I took a walk in the woods. I spent some time throwing snowballs in the creek – the creek was very full (not overflowing) from snowmelt. The ground is still frozen, so all the water runs away – filling the Great Lakes. The snow melting makes such interesting … Continue reading Walking in the Woods

Winter Birds

I’ve added a few feeders to the bird stations. We have been attracting lots of Pine Siskins – a close relative of the Goldfinch. Also, Woodpeckers, and squirrels. I’ve been using the hubby’s Panasonic G3 with an old Nikkor 105 – manual focus required – with very sharp optics. I had some trouble with the focus, but the photos in focus are great. Continue reading Winter Birds

Is it winter or is it spring, the birds want to know

Today it was 50°F outside. Night before last, it was 3°F. The birds and I are confused. At least the ice in my driveway is melting. I have some new bird feeding equipment. The round one with red top and bottom have two sizes of mesh. They have a mixture of sunflower and safflower hearts,whole sunflower seeds, and meal worms. The other station is a … Continue reading Is it winter or is it spring, the birds want to know


Feed the Birds

I’ve been feeding the birds outside my kitchen window. I put out some suet cakes to get started. Since the beginning of January, I’ve seen Blue Jay – mostly interested in sunflower seed – corn mixture, on the ground Cardinal, male * Chickadees * Dark-eyed Junco * Downy & Hairy Woodpeckers * Flicker * Goldfinch – finally put out some thistle seed Mourning Dove – when there was corn + seed on the … Continue reading Feed the Birds