Bathroom Remodel

99% done. There’s a problem with the three way valve in the shower. The kids were here for Thanksgiving, and everyone agreed that the bathroom was great. The only problem is that I had to put a cat box back in the bathroom because one of the cats did not adjust well to the new location.


  • Working with Lowes had its good points and bad points
  • The Lowes designer helped me do a great design. She was good with colors that gave us a unique look. On the other hand, she ordered everything; but when the plumber got to work, there were other parts needed. Part was because Delta Faucet had changed what was included with their kits. One thing I learned is that the stuff behind the wall is the most important and most expensive.
  • There were delays caused by this plumbing issue, and that everything had to go through Lowes.
  • I know the contractor spent more than planned because of getting extra parts.
  • One benefit was that I paid Lowes an set amount with a contract. There were no additional expenses.

Would have done differently:

  • If you want a grab bar for entering and exiting the tub/shower, it has to be installed while the wall is open. By ADA standards, it must have a backer behind the wall so that it can’t pull out. The new tub is deeper than the old one so you have to step higher to get out.
  • Use a straight curtain rod instead of the curved one. Or get a longer curtain. The standard length curtain is a little short on the curved rod.

Really like:

  • The little shelf above the vanity counter.
  • The neat swirly pattern of the quartz countertop.
  • The pretty sea shell pattern on the shower curtain.

And a little vintage photo
Rain shower photo
Fun countertop photo

Mirrors photo


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