Remodeling a Bathroom

I am finally having my 1960s/1990s bathroom remodeled. It was originally built in the 60’s. In the early 90s, I had a new floor, toilet, and paint put in. The vanity and tub were original, including the laminate top and the tile surround for the tub.

We are working through Lowes, so they ship all the supplies here to the house. They are stored in the spare bedroom. Except the tub – the first tub had a large gash in it from a forklift. The replacement tub came before they picked up the damaged one – I had them put the replacement in the shed.

Demolition stage.


8/1 They have started construction today, which mostly consists of removing the wall board around the tub, and removing the toilet by yanking it off, thus breaking it. We were planning to keep the toilet.


Here is the new theme:

I don’t have a picture of the counter-top. It will come with the installers. It’s the boldest item. I need to see it so that I can pick the paint color and the shower curtain.

More later.


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