Vermont is a farming town …

The streets roll up when the sun goes down.

I recently spent a week in northern Vermont, the Northeast Kingdom, only miles from the Canadian border. We stayed in Newport, a nice town only miles from the 45th parallel. It is on a large lake that exists on both sides of the border – Lake Memphremagog – a glacial lake draining a large area of Vermont, then flowing north to the Saint Lawrence River.

This area is rural with small towns and dairy farms. As you drive about you see milk cows everywhere. This milk is made into some of the famous Vermont cheeses. The small, round topped mountains and enourmous granite outcroppings are very appealing. Large boulders are everywhere, natural or as decoration – often left where they were found. I’m not sure you can build a basement without blasting. People come for the lake, the mountains, fishing, skiing and snowmobiling.

It is a very quirky place –

Everything closes early to us – and we are not from some urban center. The restaurants close at 8, 9 on weekends. Brewery tasting rooms are open very limited hours, mostly due to VT regulations regarding microbreweries. Shops typically closed at 5. Even the Walmart in St. Albans closes at 10pm. The ice cream shop closed at 9pm on a hot night in summer.

My son and friend drove back from dinner after dark one night. Everything was off. No lights. No campfires in the campground.

Newport does have a historic library – The Goodrich Memorial Library. It was established in 1898 through a gift from Converse Goodhue Goodrich and his wife, Almira.  The library has done an excellent job of maintaining the look and feel of the old building while offering all expected modern services.




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