Harrisville – Memorial Day

Harrisville State Park – Harrisville MI, on Lake Huron. The park has a great sandy beach, but the water will be on the cold side. There is a new accessible ramp down to the waterfront. (It has just been installed; I didn’t see it listed in any online guides. It is at the campground beach.)

Beautiful campground in a cedar forest along the shores of Lake Huron.

I was a little upset about our situation in the campsite, but it was really ok. We are in the site facing backwards, necessitated by a curve in the road. But there was a nice grassy area with afternoon sun out of the front door, and nice people “behind”.

Harrisville, MI – A small town struggling to increase tourism. It is not as developed as Tawas, or even Oscoda. The county, Alcona, is small in population (10,000) but big in natural features. Much of the county is covered by the Huron-Manistee National Forest.

Sturgeon Point Lighthouse – Museum is free, to climb 84 stairs to top of lighthouse is $3. There is a docent at the top to explain about the light and answer questions. The light is a 3.5 order Fresnel lens made in Paris, France; said to be the only one of a batch of three made.

Museum – This lighthouse was occupied by the Keeper and his family. Excellent collection of kitchen and household items. Second floor has room about Coast Guard Lifesaving Station, local fishing, and ice harvesting.


There’s more to come.


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