Tuesday Double Header – San Andreas – Trouble with the Curve

I started this post back in April – I must have been interrupted because they really are a couple of movies worth watching.

Just watched San Andreas (PG-13) with Dwayne Johnson – a classic disaster movie. Dwayne plays Ray Gaines, a LA Fire Dept Rescue helicopter pilot. He is planning to take his daughter to San Francisco to college when there is a severe earthquake at Hoover Dam. The earthquake spreads into a 9+ quake up and down the San Andreas fault. Ray rescues his estranged wife, and they head for San Francisco to rescue their daughter, Blake.

The special effects are the best part of the movie. The Hoover dam falling, the buildings collapsing, highways breaking in two, the Golden Gate bridge having all sorts of things happen to it. Even a tsunami. The loss of life is enormous.

However, the emotional content falls flat. The best part is between the daughter, Blake, and the brothers she meets as they try to get to the highest spot for Dad and Mom to rescue them.

Fun. A little bit of strong language. Two and a half stars.

Trouble with the Curve (PG-13)
Clint Eastwood as Gus
Justin Timberlake as Johnny
Amy Adams as Mickey, Gus’ daughter.

Gus is an aging scout for the Atlanta Braves, his daughter Mickey is an attorney up for a partnership. Gus is in the last three months of his current contract and the team is not planning to renew his contract. Gus is keeping his failing eyesight a secret. Mickey joins Gus when she is fed up with her firms backstabbing. A tender movie about a father and daughter who have lost that special connection.

The casting is perfect. 2 tissues and 4 stars.


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