$1.99 Books, or so many books …

I have been reading a lot of Amazon’s $.99 – $3.99 books. Some of them are specials from popular authors, such as Steve Martini, Lisa Scottoline, and Michael Connelly. Others are mysteries from less well known authors. I have read series books by Torquil MacLeod, James Grippando, Quentin Bates, Leena Lehtolainen and others. Often the first book in the series is offered at a low price, or sometimes you can purchase the series as a block for a reasonable price.

Here are some of the better $1.99 – $3.99 books I have read.

  • James Grippando – Black Horizon – Jack Swytek #11 – Swyteck is based in South Florida. An oil drilling platform in Cuban waters explodes. Jack is drawn into Cuban intrigue on behalf of the Cuban wife of a man killed in the explosion. There is a lot about relationships between Cubans and Cuban-Americans.
  • Quentin Bates – Winterlude – Officer Gunnhilder series, no. 2.5 – I started with this one because it was 99¢. Several of the others are also 99¢. I eventually purchased the first novel in the series – Frozen Assets – for $9.99 because I wanted to read the origins of Officer “Gunna” Gunnhilder. She is the constable in her small icelandic village and her abilities in solving a local murder get her promoted to the Serious Crime Unit in Reykjavik. Iceland makes an interesting setting for murder mysteries – it is small in space and number of people – allowing for some very tight plots.
  • Torquil MacLeod – Meet Me in MalmoInspector Anita Sundstrom, #1. The first four books are available for $11 on Kindle. Because she speaks English, Anita is assigned to a case involving a Scottish reporter. She falls in love with the reporter, and when he turns out to be a suspect, Anita’s judgement is called into question.  In the second book, Murder in Malmo, she is trying to redeem herself from her mistakes in the first novel. Anita and her intern, Hakim, investigate the random murder of immigrants. Underlying the plots are the indignities Hakim and Anita have to put up with from their misogynist and racist collegues.

More later.


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