Crochet is Addictive

Crochet is a new hobby I picked up last year so that I would have something to do in retirement. The problem is that it is quite habit forming. I need to be crocheting to watch tv in the evening.

Flowers – planning to string them together for the camper. I’m going to make a bunch of the sunflowers for some sort of decor. These also work very well as coasters – the cotton soaks up the perspiration on your glass, instead of sticking to a stone or cork coaster.

Here are the two best afghans I have completed. The black & gray one is made with Bernat Blanket yarn. The purple & white is two strands of worsted weight acrylic through out, changing one color each stripe as you go – white & white, white & lavender, lavender & lavender, etc.

I just ordered 10 skeins of the Bernat Blanket for more afghans. It’s very warm & soft. They are easy to crochet.



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