Mixed Messages

On hearing some of the dress code controversies, I am reminded of my own teenage years. One incident stands out.

I was fooling around with a boy in Jr High (8th or 9th grade), and he asked me to wear a dress to school. The usual attire was jeans and a top. (The t-shirt as outerwear had not come into full acceptance at school.) At that time, in the 70s, dresses had become very short. Bending over was not an issue – you had to bend straight down with your knees to pick up anything off the floor. The dress almost came to my fingertips! So, anyway, I wear the dress, and de rigueur, pantyhose. I met the guy in a classroom after school was dismissed and he started feeling me up and came to the pantyhose and said why’d you wear these? Like I was going to figure out a way to wear stockings to school! I didn’t even know how to wear stockings.  My first introduction to what boys are really interested in. That guy never did get much further.

I have learned (mostly from my husband) during my 50-plus years that men automatically notice women – especially those who have nice breasts, legs, butt (every guy is different). They can’t help it. What they can help is how they react – but men are afraid when they see girls of inappropriate age looking so mature. So they want to cover them up.

In my opinion, it’s not the girls and not the high school boys, but the adults’ problem.


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