A visit to Havana

I visited Cuba in February as part of tour called “Havana Express”, 3 nights and days in Havana.

I have wanted to visit Cuba since college. I majored in Spanish, and there was a warm and friendly group of Cubans in the community. We had a picnic with them every spring. Although I am glad I visited now, I am aware that these same Cuban exiles are not at all in favor of reestablishing ties with Cuba until claims have been paid and the Castros are gone.

I was developing a speech about my trip for my Toastmasters group and read a number of items for background. I recommend reading  Waiting for Snow in Havana: Confessions of a Cuban Boy, by Carlos Eire. In 1962, Carlos was part of Operation Pedro Pan (Peter Pan) where children of Cubans were allowed to fly to Miami. The parents believed they would be able to join them in a few months. However, it was over three years before he was reunited with his mother. But, for my education about Cuba, the first part of the book told his life as a middle-class child leading up to and during the revolution.

If you are not familiar with the events surrounding the Communist take-over of Cuba by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, you should read the above book.

Other reading to give some context to the Cuba story:

Cuba, you owe Us $7 billion – Boston Globe, 2014

History of Cuba

United States Embargo Against Cuba (wikipedia)

This is a controversial topic. The only people who really know what it was and is like in Cuba are those who were and are there.

Will post slideshow of photos separately.


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