Is it winter or is it spring, the birds want to know

New seed dispenser

Today it was 50°F outside. Night before last, it was 3°F. The birds and I are confused. At least the ice in my driveway is melting.

I have some new bird feeding equipment. The round one with red top and bottom have two sizes of mesh. They have a mixture of sunflower and safflower hearts,whole sunflower seeds, and meal worms.

Tray feeding station

The other station is a tray with meal worms, nut & fruit mixture, and whole sunflower seeds. I am hoping to attract some larger birds with this, but not yet. Squirrels, yes.

I did see some great birds today. I opened the bathroom window (see photo above, that is the bathroom window), closed the door to keep the cats out, and took some passable photos.

I have identified the Red-Bellied Woodpecker with Peterson’s guide to Eastern Birds. We’ve also seen a Common Flicker, but the bird in the picture has more red on the head, and black & white stripes.

The Downy Woodpecker is a frequent visitor, especially when suet blocks are available.

I believe this little brown bird is a Pine Siskin. And, last but not least, the chickadees. I was surpised that the chickadees prefered the tray, but there was space for three or four chickadees at one time.

By the way, the squirrels love any and all feeding stations. I chase them off from time to time, but they don’t go far.



One thought on “Is it winter or is it spring, the birds want to know

  1. I enjoy the birds in our area very much. I play around with different types of feeders to see what they will or will not attract.Some days the squirrels rob the bank and others they don’t,I don’t let that bother me very much.I looking forward to your adventures .


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