Is it winter or is it spring, the birds want to know

Today it was 50°F outside. Night before last, it was 3°F. The birds and I are confused. At least the ice in my driveway is melting. I have some new bird feeding equipment. The round one with red top and bottom have two sizes of mesh. They have a mixture of sunflower and safflower hearts,whole sunflower seeds, and meal worms. The other station is a … Continue reading Is it winter or is it spring, the birds want to know

Descent by Tim Johnston

A teenage girl is abducted from the trail where she is running and her brother is bicycling with her. Her brother, Sean, is found injured from a wrecking the bike, but does not remember much about the abduction. For several months, the family – Grant, Angela, and Sean – search for Caitlin. When she is not found, the family flies apart. The father, Greg, stays … Continue reading Descent by Tim Johnston


Feed the Birds

I’ve been feeding the birds outside my kitchen window. I put out some suet cakes to get started. Since the beginning of January, I’ve seen Blue Jay – mostly interested in sunflower seed – corn mixture, on the ground Cardinal, male * Chickadees * Dark-eyed Junco * Downy & Hairy Woodpeckers * Flicker * Goldfinch – finally put out some thistle seed Mourning Dove – when there was corn + seed on the … Continue reading Feed the Birds

Transparency and the Flint Water Crisis

This article alerts us to the need to change the state’s Freedom of Information Act to include all government departments including the Governor’s office. We will be celebrating Sunshine Week March 13-19. Let’s take the opportunity to remind the Governor that the Flint Water Crisis could have been exposed sooner, saving the state money and the governor embarrassment. Continue reading Transparency and the Flint Water Crisis