Tuesday Movie

A great thing about being retired is that I can go to the $5 movies on Tuesdays. I have been taking advantage of the opportunity so see current movies. I’m also trying to see all the major academy award nominees before the Awards – I probably won’t make that, but I’ll keep watching.

***1/2 – Today, I saw Sisters with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The movie is about two sisters who return home when their parents sell the family home. They are bitter about the sale and decide to have one last bash at the already sold! home, as a kind of revenge. I really do not care for this type of over-the-top comedy. The story was good, but I couldn’t stop thinking about who was going to pay for all the damage to the house. My willing suspension of disbelief fails in this case. I could not stop wondering about who was going to pay for all the damage to the house, which was nearly destroyed. Naturally, after the bash, the sisters and parents reconcile and the ending is happily ever after.

Interesting note: James Brolin and Diane Wiest play the wacky parents, the same role that they play in the TV series Life in PiecesThey are hilarious as a mature couple who get more sex (together) than their adult children.

. . .


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